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Snowdon was founded in 2016 by Scott Curtis and Michael Vucekovich, two industry experts with over 50 years of collective experience. Together, they developed a pioneering vision for America’s housing market: Rental communities designed for 21st-century living.

The multi-family sector was ripe for a paradigm shift. Faced with enduringly stagnant productivity levels, escalating costs of living spaces, and a logistics network teetering on the edge, the challenge for developers to pioneer and disseminate scalable, affordable housing solutions was mounting. Introducing an innovative approach within the realm of rental housing, Snowdon unveiled a pioneering product that not only accommodates dynamic lifestyle needs, but also caters to a broader spectrum of residents, from communal living arrangements among young professionals to family households.

Snowdon’s creation was perfectly timed with a pivotal transformation within the American real estate landscape—the burgeoning trend of build-to-rent (BTR) communities. As this trend continues to gain traction and evolve, the BTR sector emerges as the most significant avenue for the mass production of homes. It represents an important leap forward in enhancing construction methodologies, promoting sustainability, and enriching the quality of life for residents.

Scott Curtis

Mr. Curtis brings to the table an illustrious career spanning over three decades in the realms of real estate and development. Steering the company toward further development, expansion, and fiscal prosperity, he oversees construction endeavors, procurement strategies, and alliances with vendors. His extensive background in real estate and land development has seen him successfully manage an array of projects from their nascent stages of planning and entitlement through to their execution and operational management.

In 1993, Mr. Curtis co-founded Calex Homes alongside Curtis Land Holdings, a company dedicated to land acquisition. Under his leadership, Calex Homes achieved significant milestones, culminating in the development and sale of over 40 distinct residential communities. Marking a pivotal moment in July 2005, Calex Homes sold 90% of its holdings to Lennar Homes (NYSE: LEN), showcasing a strategic exit from the operation.


Mr. Curtis embarked on his professional journey in 1985 at Merrill Lynch Commercial Real Estate, where he provided consultancy services to investors and banking institutions, including pivotal work with the Resolution Trust Corporation in the liquidation of non-performing assets. His contributions have not only been limited to his professional endeavors but have also extended to his active participation on the boards of the Homebuilders Association, Calex Homes, and Curtis Land Holdings, reflecting his commitment to the industry's future.

Michael Vucekovich

Mr. Vucekovich brings a distinguished legacy of over a quarter-century in the investment and real estate spheres, showcasing a remarkable blend of expertise and visionary leadership in multifamily real estate investment and finance. His insight into the industry's dual aspects—consumer and capital—empowers him to forge innovative housing solutions within this dynamic market. His strategic prowess is evident in his orchestration and implementation of comprehensive business strategies designed to propel the company's growth, enhance operational effectiveness, and cement its long-term success within the Built-To-Rent sector.

As a principal at Octagon Capital Ltd., a London-based private equity firm specializing in distressed assets, Mr. Vucekovich steered the investment underwriting processes. He led the negotiation of workouts, devising strategic approaches to revitalize distressed and underperforming assets and showcasing his expertise in maneuvering through complex financial environments.


His role on the Board of Directors of GeoSentric Oyj, a publicly listed Finnish telecommunications company, from 2007 to 2011, underscored his adeptness in corporate governance and strategic oversight within the tech sector. Earlier, Mr. Vucekovich made significant contributions to the Institutional Equities Group at Wedbush Morgan and Kemper Securities from 1991 to 2001, laying the foundation for his subsequent accomplishments.

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